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Juniper Hub

Expand your Distribution Network

Who is it addressed to?

The Juniper Hub is aimed at hotel suppliers or hotel chains that have the technology that we can connect to, and who wish to sell their product to customers with the ability to connect to Juniper.

What is Juniper Hub?

The Juniper Hub is a system that allows the connection between a hotel supplier and their potential clients. It works as an interpreter between the two parts, facilitating the connectivity through Juniper.

Thanks to Juniper Hub you can sell your products and services via XML to more than 1,000 travel companies that already use our Web Service interface!

Juniper only intervenes on a technical level to facilitate the connection:

  • Business rules are established between the Supplier and the Customer
  • The Supplier invoices the Customer directly

Why acquire this service?

Take advantage of the connection possibilities that we offer, making your product immediately accessible to a wide range of potential customers around the world.

The more than 400 platforms connected to our system include technology companies, which serve thousands of potential customers who could enjoy the connection to your system. In this way, you will get more bookings from new customers.

If your potential client and you already have connectivity with Juniper, you can start receiving reservations in a short amount of time, avoiding long processes of development, testing and certification. The customer will save time and money, which will also save you money.

The Juniper Hub allows you to connect the Suppliers to one or more clients already integrated into Juniper:

The advantages of the Juniper Hub for your business:

  • Expand your sales network to include thousands of travel companies around the world.
  • Quick connection if you already have connectivity to the Juniper system.
  • We do not intervene with your business rules, the communication between Supplier and Client is direct, and we only translate the diferent interfaces.
  • The Commercial Agreement will always be between the Supplier and their Customer, where the Supplier invoices the bookings to the Customer. Juniper does not get involved in any Commercial agreements between the Parties.
  • Very competitive response times.
  • If you are a new partner, in Juniper we develop the integration to your system.
  • Reduce your internal costs in systems, by using the Hub to connect your Customers.
  • Improve look-to-book ratios thanks to our cache system.
  • We give technical support to customers who want to integrate with your system.
  • You do not have to configure, maintain or manage any external system. You simply have to configure your client’s credentials in your own system and we take care of everything else.